Old Gold Mining Settlement

Stand in the front of 229 Colles Road, Moonlight Flat and you can look out directly a church that was built when gold speculators settled here. The ground around here is literally littered with fragments from those heady days. Evidence of the 1850’s Gold Rush is everywhere.

The gold seekers gave names to almost every metre of ground around these parts. Names such as Deadman’s Gully, Bung-eye Gully, Poverty Hill, Three Speck Gully and Burying Ground Flat are just some of the names that were used.

This part of Moonlight Flat was once a hive of activity. Fragments left behind from the people who worked this ground are constantly appearing and it seems like the echoes of Moonlight Flat’s rich colonial, gold rush past remain ever present.

229 Colles Road has been lovingly developed as a spacious family home and aside from the spacious four bedroom home there is the studio, workshop, set amid a quintessential Australian bush garden. With Castlemaine just lying over the hill this really is an opportunity to experience a whole new lifestyle

One of the joys of this property is that it backs on to protected bush and offers those living here access to paths that lead throughout the area and even over the rise to Castlemaine.

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